About me

Hello, I am Claudia from Fit Fun Dog and the topic "animals" has fascinated me since I was a child. After guinea pigs and budgies I was allowed to have a cat and finally in 2001 I fulfilled my wish to have my own dog. She was a Golden Retriever, named Zoe and accompanied me for 13 wonderful years.


Zoe im Wasser
Zoe in the water

She accompanied me in my training as a dog physiotherapist and when she had to leave at the age of 13, a big gap was left behind for a long time. 

Since 2009 I am a veterinary assistant and in 2011 I passed the exam to become a canine physiotherapist according to Wosslick successfully completed. In 2017, I successfully passed the exam to become a dog osteopath according to Wosslick completed. 


Claudia und Fiete
Claudia and Fiete

My Hollandse Herder Fiete (Aika's Mystery Devil Hangover Fiete) went to great lengths to distract me. 

An extremely agile, graceful and fine dog. 

Erdmännchen Fiete
Meerkat Fiete

Together we have dabbled in many dog sports. He just participated in everything, the main thing was that we two were together on the road.

Now he is 12 years old and accompanies me as if he would just keep running. He even completes our running laps in the forest without any problems.

Laufrunde mit den Hunden
Running round with the dogs

He was diagnosed with "cauda equina compression syndrome" when he was 8 years old and had surgery. Afterwards he got osteopathy and physiotherapy including conditioning and muscle building on the underwater treadmill.

He still accompanies me today on hikes up to 4 hours. 


Our pack was expanded in September 2019 by Erbse (Ava of Evolym Mia). 

Erbse und Fiete
Erbse und Fiete

Through my extensive experience with my own and other dogs, I know that dogs can hide pain very well. My job as a therapist is to detect the smallest changes in the tissue (lesions) and get to the bottom of the respective cause. Every symptom has a cause and most of the time it is not what is obvious. For example, pain in the cervical spine may be caused by a scar on a front paw. In the same way, knee pain can have a great influence on the stomach and of course vice versa.


To look at the dog in its wholeness is my strength and passion. 

Now I offer my services with Fit Fun Dog in hopes that physical therapy for animals will do you and your pet as much good as it has done me so far.

I will be happy if you Contact me and I can get to know you and your four-legged friend.

Janina Hoffmann
Janina Hoffmann
Ich war heute das erste mal bei Claudia mit meiner französischen Bulldogge Pablo ich bin sehr begeistert sie ist sehr kompetent und weiß wie man mit Hunde umgeht ich bin froh sie gefunden zu haben kann ich nur empfehlen lg Janina und Pablo
Celine Schade
Celine Schade
Claudia ist eine sehr kompetente, liebenswürdige und fachkundige Person, welche sich mit ganz viel Geduld und Empathie den Tieren nähert. Man hat bei ihr nie das Gefühl ein Patient von vielen zu sein. Man muss auch nie warten und ist immer pünktlich dran. Die Online Terminplanung ist super! Muss man den Termin dann doch mal verschieben, ist das auch kein Problem. Ich gehe mit meinem Hund regelmäßig zur Behandlung und bin immer wieder begeistert.
Bea Scholz
Bea Scholz
Super super nett .. Nach langer Suche endlich jemand gefunden der komplett ist.. 🤗 So habe ich mir eine Physo vorgestellt für meinen Hund 🐶 🐾
Kerstin ST
Kerstin ST
Tolle und Professionelle Behandlung meines Hundes. Wer eine gute Physiotherapeutin für sein Haustier in Berlin sucht, ist hier genau richtig!