Pet Physiotherapy

Physiotherapeutic treatment is intended to treat disturbed bodily functions by means of natural forms of therapy.

The main goal is to relieve pain and improve and maintain the body's ability to move and function.

Fields of application are, for example:

  • Pain relief
  • Condition training
  • Improvement of mobility (e.g. after operations)
  • Muscle building (e.g. after bone operations, after long illness)
  • Optimization of the healing process/reduction of the healing time
  • Care of sporting active dogs (e.g. service dogs, agility dogs) 

There are many causes, which can then lead to muscle loss and immobility in the next instance. But since our animal cannot tell us where it hurts, it is important to find out where the problems are and what can help. Decisive for the chosen treatment method is a thorough initial examination (initial findings).

Animal physiotherapy with equipment
Animal physiotherapy with equipment

In physiotherapeutic treatment, a number of different Treatment techniques angewandt, wie z.B. manuelle Therapie, Massage und physikalische Therapien wie Kälte- und Wärmeanwendungen. Auch die Bewegungstherapie spielt eine große Rolle. In meiner Arbeit bin ich auf die Unterstützung der Tierbesitzer angewiesen. Fast jeder Patient bekommt von mir individuelle Übungen für zu Hause mit.

So lassen sich nicht nur Hunde sehr gut behandeln, auch bei Kaninchen, Meerschweinchen und Katzen ist die Physiotherapie eine große Hilfe.

Unterwasserlaufband mit Hund

My practice room is equipped with a Underwater treadmill equipped by the company BFH - hydrotherapy is an important component in physiotherapy and helps to restore body functions and build up weak muscles in a way that is easy on the joints.

To round out my physiotherapy services, I also offer Osteopathy an. In my eyes, a holistic treatment method is the guarantor for a maximum of healing chances.