Degility is a sport that involves a very slow pace for both dog and owner. Together they complete a course that demands a lot of concentration, coordination and muscle strength from the dogs. All obstacles can be used flexibly so that they can be individually adjusted to the respective abilities of the dogs.


Every degility course is designed very differently by me. There is never a fixed order in which the obstacles have to be mastered. Each time there are new challenges for dog and owner, so that both can grow closer and closer together as a team. Not only the dog gets a better body feeling, but also the owner is trained to use his body consciously. 

Various obstacles are used. Strength, concentration and coordination are trained throughout the degility course. At the same time, the dog orients itself to the owner and learns that calm, concentrated work leads to success. 

If the dog is led through the labyrinth, for example, it has to adapt its speed strongly to that of the human. This is a good way for many dogs to train their concentration. At the same time, the dogs are careful not to touch the poles and thus improve their body awareness. Professionals can lead their dogs backwards through the maze. 


In every degility course there are stations where good balance and again good coordination are important. The dog is placed on wobbly objects. Balancing improves body awareness and especially deep muscles. If the dog is well trained, it is better protected against injuries. 


Overcoming the ladder together, for example, increases the self-confidence of rather shy dogs enormously. Especially with such a difficult exercise, everyone gets to know their dog anew. The most important thing here is to master the obstacles very precisely and consciously. The dog owner also has to act a little more calmly here and mutual trust is thus promoted. 

The conscious and slow work makes the dogs balanced and incidentally teaches them important skills for a healthy and injury-free life. 

I like to combine the normal degility training with little fitness tricks for home. This is how all my course participants learn the "walk back", the "elephant trick", the conscious placing of all four paws on an object and much more.


In degility, obstacles (e.g. seesaw, footbridge, ...) are overcome together. Mutual trust is promoted. At the same time, muscles are trained, physical characteristics are taken into account and the dog is mentally exercised. Strength and coordination are trained. Degility is suitable for seniors, dogs with handicaps, for active dogs and for sporting dogs, as well as for all fitness levels of the owners. 

My degility courses take place in Falkenberg at Human Dogs.

Degility Kurse gebe ich regelmäßig jede Woche zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten. Bei Interesse könnt ihr Termine bequem online hier auf der Website buchen oder mich auch gerne telefonisch kontaktieren.